Moving Forward, Or the Journey so Far

Started, I suppose, many years ago at El Coyote in downtown LA. Sitting at dinner, looking into her eyes, it was a pretty normal occurrence. Nothing out of the ordinary – once again, I was over analyzing my meal. Picking out ingredients that didn’t match the composition, discussing flavor profiles without the knowledge or language to articulately express myself, when she said it.

“You should cook.”

Often, when a significant other suggests something like that its “ok, sure honey, that sounds like a great idea”…and you blow the bitch off to return to the ‘real world’ where everything’s the same, comfortable.

Not so lucky this time.

A flippant statement changed my ever loving life! I still don’t truly think she knows the profound effect she had on me that odd evening in a kitschy Hollywood restaurant, with the dim lighting and jalapeno pepper Christmas lights.

Far from immediate, the change was gradual –

More TV, cooking at home, and then the leap into classes, headfirst into a previously unknown world.

That’s when things began to change.

Years passed and things changed. I  used to think that people didn’t change, who we were is who  we will be – and I proved myself wrong. Our lives separated and she went on to pursue her fresh dreams, and? good fucking riddance.

Onward, ever onward and forward but first down the light started to fade, and at the bottom of this self inflicted pit of despair I found light in a certain specific absence.

Started after a particularly vicious weekend in Vegas, the stories from which are still being told in hushed whispers, as if we speak of legend, I needed a detox, and a friend suggested not eating meat for a few days, to see how it felt. As you may have guessed, the results were immediate and incredible – I had found life anew! Something that had been so wrong with me was not corrected. FINALLY, I could say without doubt that I was who and where I was supposed to be.

Tough at first, going it alone in a carnivores world, but it was a challenge, something I enjoy. The experiments that followed helped prove me as a ‘chef’ – creating new and interesting dishes without meat of any sort, that were still delicious, filling, and best of all, not chock full of bizarre, nasty fake meats. My repertoire grew and grew, as did my limited expertise, until the proverbial levees broke, and the blog was born.

So here I am, in all my gritty glory, to share little pieces of me with the world.

I hope you’re strapped in – its going to be one helluva ride.