I officially have no free time, and any extra energy after working this much usually goes to my book, so I won’t be updating this for a while.

I have big plans for the Vicious Vegetarian, just not the time to execute them yet – expect to see big things come September!



Sorry folks, its super happy awesome Crunch Time here at Treyarch – and I won’t have the time (let alone the day off) to do any cooking. I’ll be doing updates as possible,  but in the meantime, I present some funny pics.


I never trusted that honey bear

Stupid smug lil flowers...judging...waiting...

Just ask the guy in the floral sweater

Petulant Pan Fried Pot stickers

Its official. I fucking hate pot stickers.

Up until Wednesday they were my favorite appetizer – any chance I had, any quasi Chinese restaurant I’d go to, I’d order them. So it would follow that I’d enjoy cooking them, right?

No. Nononono. A thousand times no.

3 hours later, I’m pissed off, sweaty, and likely dehydrated thanks to all the salt I’d consumed.

APPARENTLY these are meant to be a group endeavor, not taken on by one man dead set on making as many pot stickers as he had filling of which he made WAY TOO MUCH.

I’ll add the recipe when I’m not so pissed. But I don’t recommend you make them, not at all, unless you’re some masochistic freak.

Cooking party!

This is it folks, the day is upon us – expect to see a lot of pics shortly!

Today i’ll be preparing:

Hot delicious mess

Blasphemous Bruschetta

Apeshit Mac N’Cheese

WTFucked Vegan Scramble.

So stay tuned!