Behind The Vicious Vegetarian


I do not come in peace.

In the words of John C. Reilly, “I’m here to fuck shit up”.


But first, a little about me – I call myself the Vicious Vegetarian for a number of reasons. I live my life pretty fucking out there; I either make friends or enemies damn fast. When drunk, I can be ambivalent, jolly, loving, angry, or downright violent…but for some reason, food calms me down.

Its the only thing in this short life that gives me peace…when i’m throwing together a random group of ingredients, maybe chopping up a huge pile of veggies, the world melts away, and suddenly I’m smiling.

I went Vegan first to lose weight – that didn’t work out too well. I refused to stop drinking entirely, and I also refused to stop eating cheese.


This makes me an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian. Deal with it. I don’t discriminate – I appreciate all dietary types. Even carnivores.

Oil, balsamic, beaujolais, burrata, mozz, minuet, italian loaf...FUCKING HEAVEN.

An average night home alone for me involves 6-7 artisanal cheeses, a bottle of french red (say Beaujolais), some fresh bread and possibly a little aged balsamic vinegar.

So I did what any self respecting vegan would do – I went vegetarian. At first I found it a challenge. Its odd how meat-centric this society is. I found it difficult to conceive of a meal absent a bleeding protein…

…but I love a challenge. And so I took my knowledge of basic cooking and applied it – goddamn it, I would make vegetables fucking delicious. I would make my carnivorous friends green with envy – Hell, I’d make them think they were eating meat. 6 months later and here I am – still drunk, and still vegetarian. And damn good at it, if I do say so myself.

My ultimate goal here, if you can even call it a goal since I’ve no clue what i’m doing on the Internet, would be to make vegetarianism available to my generation, and appealing to all ages – after all, I’m no one special. Just a man with a knife, a little bit of know-how, and a deep passion for greenery.


7 Responses to Behind The Vicious Vegetarian

  1. Tania Myren says:

    Darling boy!
    You’ve found your milieu- or one of them. Your voice is relaxed and RICH and funny. The commentary is wonderful fun to read and I think you will find a wide audience.

  2. Surly Jacob says:

    Boo ya!

    Welcome to cyberspace buddy.

    It sucks here. Its fun, but it sucks. But we can say whatever the fuck we want!

    You write about your veggies, I’ll write about my LA Kings. I’ll eat your veggies, and you come to Timmy Nolan’s tomorrow night (Sat, 4/17) around 7pm to watch the Kings’ game with me!


    I love the revamp of the blog, and I look forward to not only trying your recipes, but concocting more wickedly audacious recipes with you. All, both cooking and hockey, enjoyed stinking drunk!

  3. conradvisionquest says:

    you are effing hilarious! i love beaujolais! and i am like you. i refused to believe that eating without animals had to be drab, and i was gonna prove it to myself and everyone else that it is flavorful and delicious! i love it when i find a meatless recipe that even my meat-eater friends enjoy. i’m also pretty obnoxious after a few drinks… oh well. looking forward to poking around! glad you found me and commented… i am also adding you to my roll, cuz that’s how i roll, or something.

  4. Sigrid Heath says:

    Like you (in this respect certainly) food – shopping for it, preparing it, cooking it, enjoying it enthusiastically, thinking about it and then writing about it – is the great solace, great distraction, great panacea… a long list.
    I truly enjoy your blog, Ty, and admire it. You – with your Mom’s gentle encouragement – are inspiring me to do something like this.
    Yours looks so fucking professional! How do you do it? Great pics et al.
    Email me!
    Kudos and I’ll lift a glass of a Paros rose called Meltemi – the name of the gentle north wind that cools these islands in the summer – to a fellow food lover. (The rose costs 3,50 Euro at my corner store.)

    • Thanks for the kind words – you should totally start your own blog! Considering where you are, and your writing talent, it seems only natural!

      Send me your email address and I’ll break it down for you!

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