Kabob N’Roll Truck

Kabob N Roll Mediterranean

I oversee most of the food ordering at Treyarch, where I’m an Associate Producer – and as such we see  lot of food come through. And not much of it stands up to catering portions, so of late I have pursued this new phenomenon of food trucks – and Kabob N’Roll is my current favorite. Absolutely wonderful stuff – Y.L., the head chef and proprietor, has recently acquired a new truck which enables them to service large groups quickly and efficiently.

We were feeding approximately 140 hungry video game developers – and these guys churned it out in an hour, for less than 1000 bucks!

If you are in the mood, try the veggie pita sandwich – well worth your time. The tzatziki sauce is out of this world; savory, fresh, creamy…everything you would desire in a proper tzatziki.

Chicken Breast Pita Sandwich

They even have vegan options!

Average price for a meal ranges between 5-7 bucks. Check ’em out here, or follow them on twitter here.

I’ll grab some more pics the next time we have them stop by.


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